ABOUT ELMESS Thermosystem

ELMESS-Thermosystemtechnik is one of the world wide leading manufacturers of electrical heaters, heating systems, monitoring equipment and control systems for advanced industrial application for many decades, we have been specialists for electrical heating systems for operation in explostion-hazardous industrial areas.
We stand for quality, reliability, and safety. Made in Germany,
We work together with our customers and can supply customized solutions to their heating reqquirements

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Immersion heaters

Electrical screwed and flanged heaters with integrated temperature monitoring devices to heat liquid or gaseous media. Design with heating bundle, exchangeable heating inset or L-shaped.

Flow heaters

For the direct heating of liquid and gaseous media up to 500C special solutions up to 750C Design and inspection according to PED 97/23/EC or international codes.

Gas pre-heaters/Vaporizers

For the indirect heating of gases in a tube coil, casted in an aluminium block together with the heating bundle. Ideal solution for high pressure or variable flow rates.

Air heaters

For installation in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, in pipes, furnaces or heating chambers.

Special types of heater

We can offer you special solutions to your heating requirements that extend beyond the range of those described in the product groups.

Space heaters/Finned tube heaters

Explosion-protected space heaters, also in dust-Ex design

Temperature regulators

Explosion-protected on/off controller for the monitoring of room, media or surface temperatures

Control cabinets

From simple protection control to comfortable and accurate thyristor cascade controle

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