We manufacture forgings and seamless rolled rings, in any type of steel and non-ferrous alloys.
Over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of components for heavy duties have made us an essential partner to our clients.
The know-how within the Group allows us to optimize processes and materials, minimizing cost, and maximizing product quality.
Our added value is to provide turnkey solutions, from forging and ring rolling to the finished machined part.
Starting from a thorough analysis of the customer’s design, then engineering the production of contour forgings close to net shape up to the finished part.
Forging for us is not just a step of the process, but a form of Art.
As only through deep material & equipment knowledge, maximum quality can be obtained. We are committed to growth in the activities of engineering, forging, machining and delivering on time. Our people have a passion for challenges, continuous improvement and excellence.

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max. diameter: 5,500 mm (216″)
max. length: 18,000 mm (700″)
max. ingot: 125 ton ESR (275,000lbs)
max. shipped weight: 100 ton (220,000 lbs)

                                      Rolled Rings
                                        max. diameter: 7,000 mm (276″)
                                        max. length: 1,250 mm (49″)
                                        max. shipped weight: 15 ton (30,000 lbs)

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