ABOUT Körting Hannover AG

Engineering services, components and systems for process engineering applications
The corner stone for this now worldwide operating family establishment was laid when founding the company in 1871.
Supported by its subsidiary companies, Körting Hannover AG has placed its focus on technical engineering competence and fle
the respective application fields.
Constant and consequent further development, own research and development as well as the ongoing interchanging of ideas w
customers and operators have resulted in the extensive product mix which Körting Hannover AG is able to offer today.

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products of korting

Ejectors technology

Körting offers many years of
experience and in-depth expertise in
the field of ejectors and components/
systems for process engineering
Vacuum system technology plants.

Vacuum system technology

Multi-stage steam jet vacuum systems by Körting – A
combination of steam jet ejectors and mixing or
surface condensers in order to generate vacuum
levels for a wide range of applications.

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