ABOUT Dr.B. Pittaluga & C.s.r.l

Founded in 1954, Dr. B. Pittaluga & C. s.r.l. the exclusive licensees in Europe for CHARLES ROSS & SON CO. New York, USA, a major leader in mixing technology, have been manufacturing these same products on their own after redeeming the license in 2001.
Since then, to meet growing customers’ requirements new state-of-the-art models were developed to offer a comprehensive range of mixers and mixer heat exchangers and a wide choice of geometries.
To provide the high quality and very short lead-times required by today’s industry, process design, mechanical calculations, documentation, intermediate and final tests are carried out by the team of engineers at Dr. B. Pittaluga while manufacturing is outsourced to a number of highly specialized and qualified workshops.

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VP static mixers

Designed for soluble liquid blending and for immiscible liquid dispersing

WP static mixers

WP is the most economical static mixer for polyelectrolite preparation plants and for additives dilution..

XP static mixers

featuring best geometry for inline mixing of viscous liquids in laminar flow

X and XL static mixers

The traditional static mixers for turbulent flow conditions

XPS-I and HH Mixing Nozzles

for injection moulding to solve your plasticizing problems and obtain a perfect distribution of colour and additives.

XPS-E Thermoprofiler

Made of 17-4 PH steel, its main application field is in Polymer production and extrusion.

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